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When to Use Teether for Babies?

-A teether is a rubber product that is mainly used when babies are teething. Many parents are prone to omissions when taking care of their babies for the first time. Therefore, parents should know in advance what their babies need as they grow up, so that they can take care of them. So, how many months should baby teether be used properly?

"When to Use Teether for my baby?"

  Teether toys can be used when your baby is teething. Generally speaking, the baby teething at about 4-6 months, and there are also cases where the teeth are teething at 3 months, which largely depends on genetic factors.

“How to know my baby is teething?”

  We can mainly use the following ways to determine whether your baby is teething, so as to choose the timing of using teether.

  • Drool. Drooling is an obvious symptom during the baby's teething, because the gingival nerve will be stimulated during the germination of the baby's teeth, which will increase the secretion of salivary glands. In addition, Your baby's swallowing function is not very perfect, so drooling will happen frequently.
  • Direct Observation & Touch. There are “white spots" on the gums, and if you find these "white spots" are harder than other areas through touching them directly,then it prove that your baby is teething (Tips: Please wash your hands before touching to avoid bacterial infection).
  • Be AnxiousIrritability and frequent crying but there is no obvious abnormality in the body is one of the common symptoms of baby teething. In addition to using teether, you can also give your baby a proper facial massage, which can relax the facial muscles and give a good mitigation effect.
  • Suddenly Frequent Sucking, Chewing or Biting. At the beginning of the teeth breaking through the gums, the baby will feel itchy, so he will relieve the itch by biting things.

  • Swollen Gums & Elevated Body Temperature etc.
"Why I Need to Use Teether for My Baby?"

  In the process of constantly sucking and chewing, your baby can promote the coordinated development of hands and eyes, relieve the pain and itching caused by teething, and improve the development of intelligence. Moreover, when the baby is lonely, unhappy, tired or wants to sleep , chewing teether can also have the effect of sucking the pacifier, helping the baby to obtain psychological satisfaction and a sense of security.

"What Kind of Teether Should I Choose?"

    Orzbow Mushroom Teether. 

  • Safety. Made of 100% Food-grade premium silicone, soft and chewy, non-toxic, BPA and phthalate free, Orzbow Mushroom Teether Has a certificate of compliance.
  • Different Softness to Meed Baby's Needs. Orzbow Teether is chewable, with different softness for each part of the ear, corners, body, head, etc., perfect for relieving your baby's sore gums when they're teething. Its bubbly body and nipple-like soft design make it soothing even better.
  • Multi-Sensory Stimulation: Orzbow Mushroom Teething Toy got a bell in the base, stimulating hearing development and keeping babies happy when your baby is playing with it, whose bright colors can also stimulate vision development. These attentive details not only soothe teething, but also promote your baby's multisensory development and brain development.
  • EASY TO GRIP & Storage: Made of lightweight (1.9 oz) silicone material, the non-slip particles on the base are easy to grasp by baby's little hands, and can effectively adhere to the smooth and flat chassis to avoid the toy falling and getting dirty. And it comes with A Storage Bag and A Anti-Drop Clip  to avoid that toy falling down when use and help mom to storage it when not use.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USE: The body of the Ozrbow teething toy can be folded up to form a cup-shaped container that can hold small baby treats such as grapes, strawberries, peach slices, apple slices, etc. 
  • Easy to Clean. Just squeeze out the bell (to avoid high temperature deformation) and throw it into boiling water for direct disinfection, saving time and effort!

“What about the recall event in Amazon?”

This is because a teether with the appearance of "mushroom" was forced to recall by Amazon due to choking problems, but all products with similar appearance, such as ours and Mombella, were also forcibly removed from the shelves and deleted, without giving us any chance to appeal , even if our products meet the relevant standards,which means you can't purchase any "mushroom" teether in Amazon from now on.

Welcome to the official website of Orzbow and start your shopping journey here.

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