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What is a baby playpen

Once your baby starts crawling or walking baby fences become an essential item to keep your baby safe. The child safety fences are designed well to fulfill all the requirements to keep the babies safe from large areas of high traffic, away from fireplaces or kitchens, preventing them away from the top of staircases. These baby fences help in keeping the child in a safe zone. The baby fences are available in a variety of styles, to choose the best baby fences, one needs to ensure features like non-toxic material, tiny parts, sharp edges, size of gates, height, bottom spacing, and strength to make sure about the safety of the kid.

What is a baby playpen?

A baby playpen is an enclosed play area that gives your baby a safe place to play, always under the watchful eye of an adult. The self-contained units are usually made from either wood, plastic or metal. Most baby playpens are lightweight so they can be easily carried around the house and stored.

Do you need one?

As much as you may want to cuddle your baby 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, it's pretty much impossible.A baby playpen will not only make your life easier, but it will also give your baby some sense of independence at an early age. To use, simply set up your chosen playpen on a flat floor surface, fill with toys, and watch them play while you perhaps do something else on your hefty to-do list.

The Benefits of a Playpen

1.Playpens can provide a safe place to put your baby once he or she becomes mobile while you go to the bathroom, or cook dinner, or just get 5 minutes of much-needed mommy time.

2.Many playpens nowadays are multi-purpose. They can be converted to a baby gate, or serve as a secondary changing station. And most of them can be easily broken down and thrown in the car for travel purposes.

3.Your little one may benefit from a play area of his or her own that can become a safe place for independent play.

The Drawbacks

1.If your home is small, it simply may not be necessary—and could become another burden, just taking up space. It’s possible in a smaller home that you would just be better off using your baby’s crib as a playpen.

2.Beyond that, some critics believe that playpens can encourage parents to put down and ignore their children, no longer engaging because they feel their baby is safely contained. Being aware of that possibility, and the reasons it is undesirable (because babies thrive with interaction) is important, but it is certainly something you can avoid, even with a playpen.

Next, I will introduce you to a child play fence that I think is the best.
Parameters Collocation
Name :Baby playpen
Weight:3 kg
Material:Stainless steel tube,oxford cloth
Scope of application: lndoor/outdoor flat ground
Suitable age:6 months to 5 years old

Please see the picture below for the size of this game fence.

①Our 6-sided Fabric Playpen is easy to assemble. It provides a good space for your little one to play in, yet it is easy to place anywhere in your home. It`s a great way to give your child freedom to move around, yet ensure they are in a safe place.

②It comes with ventilating mesh walls for easy visibility and a zip-opening door which allows for easy access. It`s easy to maintain. You can wipe it clean or remove the fabric and place it in the wash.

③It will arrive to you safely in a well packaged box to ensure the best quality.

Do you want to boost the agility of the child while playing? If yes, then buy this game tent where you can easily store the ball. The most striking feature of this tent is that you can see your child during the playtime.

Why are ball pits good for babies?

The ball pit is an excellent treatment tool for body awareness, exercise planning, proprioception and tactile input. Spherical pits provide endless therapeutic benefits! Children have the opportunity to exercise their sensory system while maintaining their focus, relaxation, and most importantly, having fun.
Playing in the ball pit allows the children to build muscle. The throwing and rolling of the ball supports their fine movements. The ball pit is also important for feeling games. As the baby moves through the ball, it gives them a calming experience.

How to Clean the Netting on a Playpen?

1.Remove everything from the inside of the playpen.
2.Place the playpen on a tarp, waterproof mat, or outdoors on a hard surface. Water will drip off the playpen during this cleaning, so avoid doing it over carpet if possible.
3.Add warm water and laundry detergent to the bucket and mix well. You want enough detergent to create a slightly sudsy solution. Don’t add too much, or the soap will be difficult to remove, and the resultant residue will attract dirt.
4.Dip both sponges into the cleaning solution until they are saturated. Squeeze them lightly to remove excess moisture. You want them wet, but not dripping.
5.Begin to clean the mesh netting by placing sponges back to back with one on each side of the netting. Clean both sides simultaneously, moving the sponges in unison. This technique will allow you to apply some pressure without damaging the netting. Clean both sides at once, and use the dual surface to scrub dirt away.
6.Work your way around the playpen until the mesh is clean.
7.Empty the bucket and rinse it clean. Fill it with fresh, clean water.
8.Dip the washcloths into the clean water. Use the same back to back technique and work your way around the playpen a second time, rinsing the cloths in water frequently to remove any detergent residue.
9.Use a clean, dry towel to mop up any excess water that may be sitting in the bottom of the playpen.
10.Allow the playpen to air dry completely before using it again or closing it up for storage.

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