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The most detailed tutorial for how to clean high chairs

Teach you how to clean high chair

We all know that high chairs are convenient for feeding your baby and help your baby grow up healthily. But any parent who has used a traditional high chair knows that it is difficult to clean.Everyone cares about how to clean high chairs. Sometimes you will find that the food in the high chair seat is far more than the food on the plate. And you may encounter a lot of carrots, peas or other stains on the high chair.
In fact, a 2007 study by the Hygiene Council found that 60% of food trays on high chairs had coliforms – bacteria from faecal matter, raw meat, soil or unwashed vegetables – on them. Therefore, cleaning is essential.

How often to clean high chairs?

In fact, the frequency at which each part of the high chair needs to be cleaned is different. Obviously we don't want to clean the baby's high chair every day. But there are things that must be done every day.

1. Need to clean up after each use

Remove all food debris, You can wipe with a rag and clean the residue from the ground.

Cleaning and disinfecting high chair tray. Maybe you can disinfect every two days.

2. weekly cleanup tasks

Wipe the seat of the high chair. Clean the legs and bottom.

3. monthly tasks

Cleaning and disinfecting the cushions and belts of the high chair. Deep cleaning of debris in the gap.

4. according to the situation

Stuck food, Sometimes it is found that the food stuck in a gap in the high chair needs to be cleaned up in time. Food residues can attract bugs. Sometimes the baby urinates in the high chair, Or worse things.

What can i use to clean a high chair?

cleaning products

1.Soap bar, 2.lemonade, 3.baking soda, 4.disinfectant, 5.Soft brush, 6.Ordinary detergent, 7.bleach, 8.white vinegar. Never mix cleaning products, some cleaning products will produce chemical reactions and even explosions!

How to clean high chairs?

how to clean high chairs

First, there are a few considerations:
1.Wooden high chairs can't be soaked.
2.Textile cushions Can't use bleach.
3.Textile cushions cannot be brushed hard. Easy to break.
4.Easy to rust metal parts can not be soaked.
5.When using a brush to brush a wooden high chair, please wash along the stripes.
Cleaning steps:

1.Remove the tray and belt.
Remove the tray and soak in hot water and a small amount of dish soap. If the belt can also be removed, soak the belt together in soapy water. Let the oil splash.

2.Choose a good place.
Next, clean the high chair frame. This process will sprinkle a lot of water, and it is better to choose an empty place. If there is no open space, please do the floor waterproofing work.

3.Clean the main part of the high chair.
For general stains, I recommend using distilled white vinegar and lemonade. These are natural products that do not harm your baby and can be sterilized. If the stain is very stubborn, I recommend using a paste mixture of lemonade and baking soda.
In fact, general detergents are available. However, it needs to be rinsed carefully with water after washing. Prevent detergent residue. We all know that your baby's immunity is poor and you should be careful.
Starting from the top of the high chair, work all the way down, a rag, a bottle of cleaning supplies. Scrub one side. Rinse the rag as needed. 

4.It’s time for the toothbrush to play.
Ok, the toothbrush is coming. Or you can use a bigger brush head. But it must be guaranteed to be a soft brush. There are inevitable stubborn stains on the high chair that cannot be scrubbed. Then use a toothbrush to help the high chair take a shower.

5.Wash the dishes like a dishwashing.
Then, turn back to the sink to clean the tray. This is very simple, but it is worth noting in this step that if the stain remains after cleaning the tray, rinse it off. If the strap is detachable and has been immersed in the detergent solution, simply rinse it off and lay it on the towel to dry.

6.Dry and dry
Dry most of the water with a dry rag or paper towel. Finally, you must sunbathe. The wet high chair is prone to mildew! ! !

How to clean the non-detachable high chair?

I am unfortunate to tell you that you do not wash and scrub slowly. But I have a better way. This is a method everyone likes. Please watch this video below.

Which high chair is easiest to clean?

Imagine a high chair with a small frame and all parts that can be removed, so we can use a washing machine to clean.Please watch this video below.

Why We Love It 

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