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How to choose baby gates

Your baby is too active. you worry about the safety of the baby, wants to buy a security door. But you do not know how to choose a baby gate. You're in the right place.

Hidden dangers in baby exploration

Hidden dangers in baby exploration

The secrets of the best baby gate

Security door usage scenario

1. Children need a safe playground.
Drop the baby alone in an open space to play, the baby may be an adventure enthusiast, he will create a lot of trouble. Learn more about the baby playen.

2.Avoid your baby falling off the ladder
There are many stairs in the house, stairs at the door, stairs leading to the second floor or the basement. These will be the scourge of a baby who loves to crawl. Baby stair gates effectively prevents the baby from falling off the stairs. You deserve to buy one child stair gate, if you have or will have a baby soon.

3. Avoid the baby entering the chaotic place.
Kitchens, storage rooms, and other spaces are small, and the chaotic venues with many operating items are not conducive to baby play. We will accidentally hurt our baby.

4. Baby can't stay with pets all the time.
Pets are cute and they love baby very much. But the pet is not clean and the baby's resistance is not strong enough. Usually we still have to separate them. Tension mounted pet gate is very practical. Pet dogs, pet cats, etc. are refused outside the pet gate.

How to choose baby gates (seven tips)

1. Security certification
Please check whether the bottom frame of the security door or the package has the certification label of SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A.) or JMPA (The American Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association). These certification bodies will help you to screen out good quality products.

2. Which type of baby gate to choose?
Pressure Mounting Pressure mounted, also called on-pressure baby gates. It does not require a hole in the wall to tighten the screw. It is squeezed by tension and supported between the two walls. It is suitable for more occasions, for secondary installation and short-term installation. Although it is not completely fixed, please be assured that the baby is completely unable to push this safety door.
Hardware Installation You need to punch holes in the wall and use screws to install the door. Absolutely firm and absolutely safe. However, the installation is more complicated and is not conducive to disassembly.
Our yearning for good things. We often do not tolerate the holes after the fixed installation door is removed. I suggest that everyone buy Pressure mounted gate. With the development of technology, the pressure mounted gate is suitable for 99% of the site, and it is also very firm and safe. Use in places where holes can be fixed, such as wooden stairs. Safety doors suitable for any length have been developed. Baby gates 48 inches wide. And more zhan 48 inches.

3. Choose the security door for what materia
There are many materials for the safety door. As long as the surface is smooth and there are no edges and corners, barbs can be used.
Painted wood, steel, stainless steel and other alloys are fine.

4. Points of attention for the baby gate (eight tips)
* The height of the door bar is at least 22 inches. It is not easy for the baby to climb over this height.
* It is best to choose a two-way open door.
* The top of the security door should have a horizontal protective strip
* The safety door must have a latch. The adult holds the baby in one hand and the safety door in the other. * The baby can't open the safety door.
* The middle guardrail must not be horizontal, which will become the stairs for the baby to climb.
* There is a safety gate for the net. The net must be finely woven, and the grid too wide will become the stairs for the baby to climb. Or the baby will get stuck in his hands and feet.
* The guardrail spacing should not be too large. The baby will stick out his head.

5. How to measure doors and choose baby gates.
Before purchasing a security door, we need to measure the amount of space needed to install a security door. Take a door as an example, the height should be as high as 56cm (about 22 feet). The thickness of the door must be greater than 3 cm (approximately 1.2 feet). Measure the width of the door and record it, which will be the basis for your choice of security door. Take our best safety gate as an example.

measure doors and baby gates

Measure width

Choose Size

74 - 86 cm(29 - 34 inch)

Gate(Smallest size door)

86 - 98 cm(34 - 39 inch)

Gate + 12cm(Smallest size door+extra 12 cm width)

98 - 110 cm(39 - 43 inch)

Gate + 2*12cm

110 - 122 cm(43 - 48 inch)

Gate + 36cm

More than 122 cm(48 inch)

Please contact us(if you have any questions)

This pressure-mounted safety door has a wide range of applications. The narrowest is the width of a "gate", and the width of a "gate" is 74 - 86 cm (29 - 34 inch). When this width is exceeded, we will add an extra long baby gate. For example, the width you need is 100cm. Then you just choose one "gate" + two "12cm" extra long baby gate. In other words, as long as your width is more than 74cm (29inch), you can choose our safety door. Click the picture for more information.

6. Install the door according to the manufacturer's instructions
Notes on installation If you are using a pressure door, install the adjustment lever or locking side away from the baby. The door is securely fastened to the doorway or stairs.

7. Points to note when using
When leaving the room, be sure to close the door and never leave the baby unattended for long periods of time.

The actual pictures shown by the buyers

baby gate buyer show

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