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How to choose a baby sleeping bag

What is baby sleeping bag?

Baby sleeping bag is a baby's sleep product. In order to prevent the baby from kicking the quilt while sleeping. It can help your baby have a better night's sleep.

Baby sleeping bags have at least six shapes.Read more about details.
Baby sleeping bags have at least six shapes.
1. Square sleeping bag
2. Gourd sleeping bag
3. Clothes-style sleeping bag
4. Vest sleeping bag
5. Cocoon sleeping bag
6. Sleeve-style sleeping bag
The sleeping bag is filled with down, silk, cotton, chemical fiber and so on.

When can I start using a baby sleeping bag?

When the baby is born, baby can use the newborn sleeping bag. Different sleeping bags should be chosen for different age groups.
0-8 months, the baby will not turn over, but the feet will lick the quilt. Use a sleeping bag to keep your baby warm and prevent it from catching cold. Many times, the baby sleeps likes to lift his hands and bend his knees outwards. We can't give the baby a sense of restraint. This age baby needs to change diapers frequently. So choose a loose sleeping bag.
1-3 years old, the baby learned to turn over. The baby has a lot of activities during sleep and can't use the quilt. In order to prevent the baby from catching a cold in his sleep. You can choose an envelope-style, clothes-style baby sleeping bag.
3-7 years old. At this time, you should develop your baby's habit of using the quilt in the future. Choose a sleeping bag that is as restrained as a quilt.

Why do baby sleeping bags have no arms?

The sleeveless baby sleeping bag is for air circulation and the temperature is not too high. But there are also sleeved baby sleeping bags. Which one to choose is temperature dependent.

Are baby sleeping bags better than blankets?

When the baby sleeps at night, the individual feels that the baby sleeping bag is better than the blanket. Keep warm.

How many baby sleeping bags do i need?

I recommend at least three different baby sleeping bags. This is based on seasonal temperature considerations.
Summer use: The outside temperature is very high, and the products are mainly used in the early morning or under air conditioning. Therefore, the cotton layer of the product is extremely thin or even absent. 0.5tog is recommended.
Winter use: The outside temperature is very low, so the product has a thick cotton layer and a tight neckline, which is good for the body. 2.5top is recommended.
Spring and Autumn: The outside temperature is warm and cold. Sometimes you need a thin sleeping bag and sometimes a thicker sleeping bag. Use a 1.0tog baby sleeping bag for naps during the day and a 2.5tog baby sleeping bag for the night.

How to choose baby sleeping bags?

Need to consider the above seasonal factors
Size, shapes and TOG(what is tog?) must be considered when choosing a sleeping bag.





1. Square sleeping bag

The rectangle is like an envelope, which is equivalent to a small quilt folded in half. Zipper on the bottom and sides.

The bottom can be opened for easy replacement of the diaper. Moreover, due to the dual use type of the quilt sleeping bag, the practical function of the product is enhanced, and the space is large, and the baby can move freely without being restrained.

It is easy for the baby to get into the sleeping bag or slip out of the sleeping bag.

2. Gourd sleeping bag

Shaped like a gourd, narrow and wide, generally designed for round bottom.

The large rounded bottom allows the baby's legs to move freely, increasing the comfort of the baby.

Cannot be used as a quilt.

3. Clothes-style sleeping bag

Like pajamas

Full freedom of movement

The process is complex, the price is high, and Size is important. Many parts have poor safety performance.

4. Vest sleeping bag

Like a vest


Only suitable for summer use

5. Cocoon sleeping bag

Like silkworm cocoons

Keep warm


6. Sleeve-style sleeping bag

Similar to a plain quilt, with two sleeves on the quilt


Suitable for spring and autumn

What is Tog?

TOG is a measure of thermal resistance. Think of TOG as a way to assess the degree of insulation in a fabric or garment. The higher the TOG rating, the hotter the fabric.
2.5 tog
The 2.5 tog baby sleeping bag is versatile and can be used up to 75% a year - just adjust the level of pajamas based on the temperature of your baby and bedroom. However, it is not recommended for hot summer vacations.
1.0 tog
Do not use if your baby's bedroom temperature is usually above 21 °C and the weather is warm.
0.5 tog
Suitable for summer vacations or for children with fever or heat.

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Why we love it.

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4.This winter baby sleeping bag is a quilt when unfolding.

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