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How do you keep baby warm in stroller

How do you keep baby warm in stroller?

If winter comes, can spring be far behind?——P. B. Shelley, British poet. Although the snow scene is beautiful, although spring will come, parents hope that winter will pass earlier.
We all know that breathing fresh air helps your baby's health. Winter is too cold. Parents often want to take their baby out for a walk and breathe fresh air. But the problem how do you keep baby warm in strollers is very confused for parents. Babies are not like our adult, they can not adjust their body temperature quickly according to the ambient temperature. So they are more likely to catch cold. Many parents want to know How to keep baby warm in stroller. But don't worry, there are many warm products that can help you.

Six ways to keep your baby warm in the stroller.

1.Baby stroller footmuff (many used parents recommend this product)
The baby stroller footmuff is similar to baby sleeping bag. This product is very popular now. This is a baby windproof product specially designed for trolleys. You need to choose the appropriate baby foot cover according to the size of the trolley and the age of the baby. The material of the general baby stroller is windproof and the material inside is warm. A foot cover can be attached to the trolley to ensure your baby's safety. There are also many types of foot covers.

2. Blanket
Blankets are the largest in our family and there are suitable blankets for each season. But outdoors, the blankets can hardly stop the intense wind. It is true that your blanket is tight, and your baby may be able to get off the cold. Use other products together. Some baby car boot covers and stroller wagons.

3. Baby carriage cover
It does block most squally attacks, but it is not warm. The baby can still absorb the coolness in the trolley. Here we also recommend using with other products.

4. Snowsuit
The winter jacket is a good choice for keeping warm and windproof. Your baby can wear it to go out for adventure. Snowsuits generally have tops and bottoms. It is a little troublesome to wear and undress. There may be air leaks in the tops and bottoms.

5. Baby stroller liner
The stroller liner must be taken care of when buying a cart. Not all carts have this configuration.

6. Comfortable jackets, warm hats, socks, etc.
These commonly used warming equipment are of course essential.

2019 the best stroller footmuff in winter Price $25 Frees shipping

2019 the best stroller footmuff in winter

This footmuff for stroller is available in two sizes to suit different ages and is available in a wider range of sizes. Environmentally friendly, waterproof, snowproof, windproof, unique weatherproof strip design and soft and high quality coral lining for added warmth. Equipped with 5 seat belt slots to ensure your baby is always safe. Even in the cold winter, you and your little one can go out and enjoy the sun and touch nature. It is also very convenient to clean and can be washed in the washing machine.Learn more about product parameters

Why choose this product

our products

General trolley foot cover

The surface is made of non-slip material that keeps the original position even if the baby is struggling.

No anti-slip material, it is easy to slip off.

The surface is made of windproof and waterproof material. Does not fade after washing

Windproof, partially waterproof.

Most trolleys will fade after washing.

Darkness Safety Design : The bright reflective strip helps you to be safety and seen better in the dark.


The material inside is coral fleece, Surface material is Chunya fabric, fillers are Green rubber free cotton.

The material inside is polar fleece, Surface material is Oxford, fillers are Polyester fiber.

After this stroller footmuff unfolds, it is the quilt.

Partially expanded or not expanded

It is also a 2.5tog baby sleeping bag!

This is a sleeping bag for winter use. What is sleeping bag? What is tog?

How do you know if your baby is warm enough?

We need to check whether the baby is hungry, whether it is hot, and whether it is cold.It is too late when the baby makes a physical reaction or cries. Usually, your baby's hands and feet will first feel cold. We can check if the baby is warm enough by checking the temperature of the baby's hands and feet. Another way is to touch your baby's forehead.
According to our experience, babies wear more warm clothes than our adults. Finally, I hope that moms and dads should not forget their bodies while taking care of their babies. keep warm.

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