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Hook on high chair safety

Nowadays, more and more parents choose hook on high chairs. The lightweight, hook on high chair is suitable for more occasions and takes up less space. Most hook on high chairs are foldable and easy to transport. The chair attached to the table is lighter in weight and cheaper, Then the problem is coming, are hook on high chairs safe enough? If the baby can stay still, then this high chair is safe. Obviously this is impossible. We selected three different chairs and simulated a baby with athletic talent for testing.

Test1: Load bearing test

The weight of the three high chairs was tested in a substantially static state. (First make sure the load-bearing table is thick enough) Test method: Increase the weight on the high chair until there is jitter or other instability factor in the high chair. The result shows that the cheapest high chair has a maximum load of 12.6KG, the second one is 15KG, and our orzbow models have an amazing load of 20KG. Please note that this is the load bearing at rest and cannot be used as an optional standard. It is for reference only.

Test2: The bite force and friction test of the hook

Simulate the baby to push the table. Test method: Put a 10kg weight on the high chair (about a one-year-old baby weight, the article is attached with the baby's weight age table), with the desktop as the horizontal line, Pull out forcefully in the angle of plus or minus 30°. Test results show that the cheapest one directly breaks off (perhaps too much force when the adult pulls out), and the second one has obvious movement marks. Only our orzbow hook on high chair still guarantees its absolute safety.


Orzbow hook on high chair is the best guarantee of security.The upper armrests are designed with small serrations to increase the friction between the chair and the table top. The lower part uses a double-screw booster to increase the bite force of the chair and the bottom of the table.
Do you want to buy a high chair, but don't know when to buy it, how to choose a high chair.

Use hook on high chair safety

1. Product safety certification. Such as JMPA/SGS.
2. Check the stability of the table. Do not use the table with a single support point.
3. The desktop should have a certain thickness. (more than 2cm)
4. Do not use on the glass desktop.
5. Do not prevent the tablecloth from falling on the table to prevent the tablecloth from slipping.
6. The desktop should have a certain height to prevent the baby's feet from touching the ground.
7. Make sure your baby can reach the place without danger.
8. Always secure the waist and crotch straps around baby.
9. Before removing your baby from the chair, make sure your baby's legs do not have a chair strap.
10. Do not leave your baby for a long time.
11. High chair needs regular cleaning.

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