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High chairs or booster seats

High chair or booster seat?

Both products are for baby feeding. Choosing a high chair or a booster seat depends on where your baby use it and how old your baby is. In general, your baby needs to use a high chair about six months old. The booster seat can be used when the baby is over 1 year old.The following article may help you make a choice.

What is a high chair

The high chair is a piece of furniture for feeding your baby. The baby usually learns to turn over in 3 months, and learns to sit for 6 months. The baby of 3-4 months gradually begins to eat complementary food. In this process, the baby's spine is still growing and developing, and can not sit on its own initiative. Even if you can sit up, there may be some damage to the spine. The high chair can help the baby sit safely and help the baby to eat.

What is a booster seat?

a baby sitting on a booster seat

A booster seat or travel high chair is a smaller, lighter version of the high chair that can be used to hold your baby or toddler at the correct height for dining at the table. Most versions use one or two straps to secure it to a chair. Some have their own removable trays, and most have a back support. They are great for toddlers and are useful for travel. So, when do the babies start using the booster seat? In fact,babies can use booster seats at about nine months, they can sit without support.

When can I move my baby from a high chair to a booster seat?

Once your baby can sit down without falling over (sometimes between 9 and 12 months), he can move to the booster seat. However, you can safely tie your child to the high chair as long as possible. Most children only transition between 18 months and 2 years old. Of course, there are many factors that affect when a child is moved, so before giving up on a high chair, ask yourself a few questions: Does your child express a desire to sit with you at the table? If you don't pull one of the models on the table by raising the tray, some children will find the high chair very isolated. You can also purchase a foldable high chair so your baby can socialize at the main table in exceptional circumstances while remaining safe. Has your child climbed from the high chair? Although most highchairs have secure five-point harnesses, some children are just natural escape artists. Falling from a high chair can be very serious, so if your baby starts to climb out, it's time to change clothes. Also, never let your child carelessly watch a high chair or raise a seat.

Advantages and disadvantages of high chairs and boosters

Compare high chair and booster seat
high chair booster seat
Advantages 1. The high chair is sturdier and more balanced, and can be fed every day.
2. Easy to clean, only need to clean a chair and auxiliary seat, you may need to clean the seat and dining chair below.
3. Reduce the wear and tear of ordinary dining chairs due to the heightened seat.
4. The high chair is usually equipped with a 5-point harness, making it the safest choice.
The height is adjustable and the baby keeps the same vision with the family to do the same thing.
1. The booster seats are portable, most lightweight, often go out or travel, and can be easily dragged around
2. Does not occupy large space, easy to store.
3. It is very suitable for use in the dinner of relatives and friends, as long as it is attached to the dining chair or placed on the floor.
4.Raised seats are usually less expensive than high chairs.
Disadvantages High chair
1. cumbersome and inconvenient to carry outside the house.
2. Take up more space.
3.Not easy to transport.
Booster seat
1. Not Sturdy enough, especially when the table and chairs are shaking.
2. Need to clean up more corners and gaps.
3. The seat is low and the height is not adjustable.

Choose a high chair or a booster chair

According to our experience, the following points have reference value and cannot represent 100% correct.
3-24 months - choose high chair
2 years old or older - choose Booster Seat
Eat at the table - choose hook on high chair
Eating at home - choose high chair
Go to the restaurant to eat - choose high chair
Traveling - choose Booster Seat / portable high chair
In car - choose Booster Seat portable high chair

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