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How to choose high chairs

baby sit on folding portable high chair with mom beside

A mother shared that

Many moms asked me about the high chair. They didn't know if the baby needed a high chair, when to start using the high chair, and how to choose a high chair. As a mother with two children, I will share here my baby's use of a high chair.

I think this requires a comprehensive consideration of the situation of each family. Some families have a lot of space and can have many high chairs. some have a small family space and need a best high chair for small spaces. Some families like to go to restaurants, but most restaurants do not have children's seats, you need a high chair that attaches to table. some families like to travel outside the wild, you need a portable travel high chair. In this article I will recommend some of the best rated high chairs for you.

·Do you need a high chair?

In the eyes of older generation parents, baby dining chairs are dispensable. They think it is convenient and worry-free to feed directly with the baby. There is no need to use the baby dining chair at all, and it is a waste to buy it. But this is not the case. The baby dining chair is very suitable for the baby's still growing small body. It can make the baby sit comfortably and safely. It can help the baby to cultivate good eating habits and enjoy the dining. The baby dining chair not only allows the baby to exercise the ability to eat independently, but also can exercise the grip ability of the baby's fingers. The most important thing is to help the baby learn to sit.

The baby usually learns to turn over in 3 months, and learns to sit in 6 months. The process from turning over to sitting is also the process of spine growth and development. The baby who can't sit still completely indicates that the spine is still weak and needs good protection, while 4-6 The baby of the month gradually began to add complementary food. The baby dining chair can be adjusted separately. The half-lying angle helps protect the baby's undeveloped spine, and it can easily and safely help the baby adapt to the transition process of "breast milk – adding complementary food – eating by yourself".

·When does the baby use the high chair?

Most product manufacturers recommend using a high chair for six months. But this is not entirely true. Every baby has a different developmental speed. The baby usually learns to turn over in 3 months and learns to sit in 6 months. When the baby starts to sit, he should use a high chair. You need to put it onto your babylist.

·How to chose a high chair?

There are many types of high chairs. Here are the nine most important points of attention based on the features they need to implement.
Folding high chair parts introduction

1.The design of the safety buckle (belt) must be safe and convenient, Safety is the most important indicator;

2.The plate should be easy to disassemble and firm;

3.Must have anti-slip columns;

4.Adjust the height of the seat to see if it is stable and if the adjustment process is smooth;

5.The cushion should be comfortable, solid and easy to clean;

6.When selecting a dining chair with wheels, determine whether it has a locking function;

7.Check the stability of the dining chair, you can shake the seat to see if the base is secure;

8.Check if there are some security risks such as sharp corners, small holes or gaps;

9.Check if the parts are easy to fall off and prevent your baby from aspiration or ingestion.

·How to use the high chair correctly?

1 Every time you put your child in a high chair, be sure to fasten your child's shoulder, waist, and ankle strap. Baby can't stand on a high chair

2. Do not place the high chair near the counter or table, and do not place it near hot objects or dangerous goods. The child may push the items up and cause the high chair to fall over.

3. When the child is sitting in the high chair, don't leave the child alone.

4. Do not allow older children to climb onto the high chair or play on it, otherwise it will easily cause the high chair to fall over.

5. Hooking the high chair through the hook does not make it stronger. However, if you want to use a high chair when you are eating or traveling outside, be sure to choose a high chair that can be fastened to the table. Make sure the table is strong enough to take on the weight of the child and not to tip over the high chair. In addition, you need to check if your child's feet can reach the table. If the child can reach the table, he may remove the high chair from the table by the force of the ankle.

6. Make sure that all the screw caps and screw pads on the high chair are not loose, otherwise it may cause the child to suffocate.

·The importance of a folding portable high chair

As living conditions improve, our young parents have more ability to choose activities. Sometimes we are eager to travel, sometimes we go to restaurants, sometimes we are out in the wilderness, sometimes we want to camp... Many times you need to carry a portable travel high chair or a folding portable high chair or portable high chair camping. It can provide a more comfortable and safe space for your baby, making our travel easier and happier.
At home, the high chair is not only the seat for the baby to eat, but also the place where the baby usually plays. There are now many folding portable high chairs with wheels. With it, you can push your baby around at home. Very convenient.
So we recommend that parents buy a folding portable high chair.

·What are the best high chairs?

Now, I recommend several high-scoring high chairs for everyone. If you need it, you can click to find out more.

Folding portable high chair

Hook on High Chair
more portable, detachable, easy to clean, safer, more comfortable


Why We Love It 

Unlike the ordinary high chair on the market, this high chair is lighter, more portable, detachable, easy to clean, safer and more comfortable. It can carry or carry the high chair with the shoulder when you go out. With a weight of more than 20KG, babies can sit down and eat with their families comfortably. This is a good choice for thousands of families. It has a large space and is suitable for babies from 6 to 36 months old.

Deformable three-in-one high chair

Three in one High Chair
High chair, trolley, chair, three forms together


Why We Love It 

1.The bracket uses a paint tube that is not easy to rust, the pedal can be adjusted, and the steel tube can be hidden and stored.

2.Transformed into a toy car, combining three functions.

3.Double plate design, easy to clean. PP material dining chair, body washable. Leather meal cushion, soft and comfortable, not easy to stain.

4.Align the hole to install the pulley, and the bottom can accommodate the steel pipe. Use a colored dinner plate when your baby is eating.Use a white plate when your baby is playing.Two-layer plate removable.

5.BPA-free, high temperature resistant 120°C.

6.It can be tied to an adult chair for use.

7.Four-point support for stable protection.

8.White paint process, thick steel pipe design.

9.Three-point seat belt to bring enough safety to your baby.

10.The backrest can be adjusted at many angles.The length of the plate is adjusted in three steps.The dining chair is flexible.

11.PU leather pad, waterproof and stain resistant, detachable.

12.Seat height adjustment, don't worry about your baby growing up, you can use up to 3 years old. Maximum weight 50KG.Material: steel / food grade PP material.

13.A variety of colors to choose to create a colorful life. Pink, blue, brown, green.

Here is a video introduction.

Cheapest High Chair
Simple style, large space, portable


Why We Love It 

Its price is very low, the seat space is very large, there is a storage bag at the back of the seat, the stability is very good, the safety is high, all the components can be disassembled and easy to clean.

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