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  • 2022-06-09
    I have to admit, hubby and I were not impressed with this teether toy when we first opened it. We had skipped the special teether Giraffe thingy due to price alone. This came up as a preferred item on our Amazon list. Our daughter refuses to put it down. It fits perfectly in her tiny hand, and she can maneuver it easily. It’s her favorite teether, by far. When it’s in the dishwasher (top rack) she fusses. This is a winning product. Our daughter has a oral aversion and would gag if anything was placed in her mouth- having been tube fed in her stomach until her esophagus was corrected surgically- and this completely turned it around for the good. She controls it and the pressure in her own little 6 month old hand. The round “antennae” are hollow and the “ears” are solid. It looks like a bobble headed alien but I couldn’t care less! It’s priceless!
  • 2022-06-08
    My baby wouldn’t take any other pacifier. No teether, soother, or paci has even been comparable! And it’s so cute. Definitely a must have. Buy multiple!
  • 2022-06-07
    I (or my baby) love this teether toy! I’ve bought several different kinds and she either can’t hold it just right to get a good bite, or she gets frustrated, or just doesn’t like them. This is not only so cute, but it’s like a little deer for a baby and the bar inside is a perfect gripper for that steel grip babies can have. She doesn’t really grab many things like she does this. But try and pry this one out of her hand, and there’s going to be a fight! The chew parts feel and look like a nipple. Good for breastfed babies, especially.
  • 2022-06-07
    Omg this toy saved my life. I’m so glad I came across this. My daughter is 4mos and she is breastfed. She refuses a pacifier and uses me as one. She would nipple on my breast without latching causing my skin to go raw. It was soothing to her. But now this toy doesn’t leave her side. The handle is sooo convenient, easy to keep up with. I’m so glad it’s soft because sometimes she will hit herself in the face it doesn’t faze her though. I love how it’s shaped like an actual nipple. I think that’s why she loves it so much.
  • 2022-06-02
    My 5month old daughter won‘t take a pacifier or any kind of teether. She absolutely loves this one. Perfect size to hold and a shape to fit her hand. Definitely will be ordering more!
  • 2022-06-01
    My baby loves this! It is easy for them to keep ahold of and is perfect for teething. I’m definitely ordering more!
  • 2022-05-02
    It is a great quality and value, and very comfortable for baby. No smell.
  • 2022-04-10
    I have bought my son plenty of other teething toys but he can hold them. He still drops this once every once in a while, but the open bottom helps him get a better grip. He balls his fists up And he hold it that way or opens it up and hold it that way. So convenient and worth the money!! His fav !!! He loves the rattle it comes with !!
  • 2022-04-08
    Super produit , j en es pris pour ma fille et plus tard pour les neuveux et nièces, tout le monde adore !!!
  • 2022-04-06
    Das Kind ist begeistert und verlangt immer wieder danach. Beim Zahnen hilfreicher als so manche Medizin.
  • 2022-04-06
    My baby is almost 4 months and she loves this toy. Teething toys are so unreliable as far as likability is concerned. I’ve had 4 kids and I wish I had known about this product sooner. The company also sent an email making sure I enjoyed this product and to let us know if the baby wasn’t satisfied they would do their best to find something else that worked better for my babe’s personal needs. I thought it was super cool that the company would invest that much time and concern, it shows they really value their customers and believe in their products. Would def recommend.
  • 2022-04-06
    Same as packaged, I thought these one came with a pacifier clip, must be different brand.
  • 2022-04-04
    Super Beißring.
    Kein unangenehmer Geruch
    Auch die kleinsten können ihn super halten.
    Sind sehr zufrieden damit
  • 2022-04-03
    Todo un acierto, el material muy bueno, lindos, prácticos, fáciles de sujetar con las manitos del bebé. A mi hijo le encantaron.
  • 2022-04-01
    Buon materiale, facili da sterilizzare, arrivano in una comoda bustina
  • 2022-04-01
    Unsere Tochter ist 4 Monate alt. Wir haben ihr diesen Beißring gekauft, da sie immer auf allem herumkaut (vermutlich schießen die Zähne ein). Sie kann ihn selbstständig halten und lutscht bzw. kaut richtig darauf herum. Ist einige Zeit damit beschäftigt.
  • 2022-03-31
    Sehr gute Qualität und das Baby hat seinen spass damit.Kann ich nur empfehlen.Gesundheitlich unbedenklich
  • 2022-03-30
    I bought several different items. This is my son’s favorite! He’s four months, easy hold, comfort. It's perfect for babies not teething. Got one for my nephew already. Highly recommended!
  • 2022-03-26
    Die beste Anschaffung ever! Mein Neffe liebt den Beißring und der tut das was er verspricht.
  • 2022-03-24
    La verdad que esta bastante bien a pesar de precio ...perfecto pa niñ@s sobre todo pal comienzo de los Dientes ..ya que tiene bastante formas ..y la criatura puede ir cambiando según su gusto .de más blando a más duro . dependiendo del juguete
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