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Child anti-collision corner

You never realize how many sharp edges your home has until you become a parent. Then suddenly, you see all the ways your little one can poke an eye (or at least get an ugly bruise or head injury) on the corners of glass tables, wooden desks and metal fireplace hearths.

What 's the importance of the corner protector?

When you’ve Furniture with Sharp Corners and Borders, you require Corner Protectors to your family’s security. Corner Protectors play an essential part to rescue your babies and older people from any injury brought on by an injury with Corner of Table, Desk, Chair, or other furniture at home.
Anti-collision corner would be the baby security protection products used to wrap the angular furniture such as tables, beds, TV cabinets, coffee tables, etc.. Such products stop the baby from accidentally hitting on the furniture and being hurt.For parents, the goods are useful to provide babies with the most secure environment in the home.

Baby Safety Corner Introduction

Baby corners are made from the safest and purest raw materials. If you are interested in finding a corner protector for your baby's safety, this is your best alternative corner protector and corner protector. It does not contain any harmful substances such as latex, BPA, phthalates, heavy metals or even short-chained chlorinated paraffins.
If it involves softening impact, the density of the baby proofreading corner protector is 20-30 Durometer, which is much higher than the industry standard 12-15. High-definition and premium cushions absorb shock and protect your baby and recent and dearest babies from hard, sharp corners and borders.
The 18-foot (5.5-meter) edge pad + 8 corner pads - makes it the largest surface area covered by any product as of October 2014. Suitable for all standard size tables. Secure bonding, authentic 3M double-layer easy-to-peel double-sided tape (36-foot tape for 18-foot edge pads and pre-bonded corners) is not easy to drop.

How Do I Install Corner Guards?

1.Prep wall surface by cleaning.
2.Double check height measurement and fit of corner guard. Cut to length if needed.
3.Remove the backing of the tape from one wing of the corner guard.
4.Begin peeling a 3” section of the backing of the tape on the opposite wing, leaving the 3” section accessible from the outside of the corner guard.
5.Place corner guard against wall focusing on ensuring that the taped side is in place evenly against the corner.
6.Once taped side has been placed, peel the remaining backing by pulling the exposed 3” section away from the corner guard against the wall.
7.Press the corner guard firmly against the wall on both sides to ensure that the pressure-activated tape is able to adhere fully.

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