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Best Balance bikes for 1-year-olds 2019

Do you have a one-year-old child who is eager to ride a bicycle? Or are you a keen bike rider and want to know when your offspring will accompany you on a bicycle? Maybe you are looking for a one-year-old gift and wonder if they are big enough to ride a bike? Here we can help you make the best choice.

What’s the best toddler bike for a 1-year-old?

four kinds of Balance bikes

Balance bikes, also known as push bikes or running bikes or strider balance bike, are pedalless bikes designed for toddlers, powertrains, and sometimes no brakes. Once the child is able to walk and has good motor skills (usually around 12-18 months), they can start riding a balance bike. We also considered stability, two wide wheels on the front wheel and two wheels on the rear wheel. The frame is ultra-lightweight and the tires are made of lightweight materials and are very lightweight. So this is one of the most stable balance bikes we have tested for the best 1 year old.

How does a balance bike work?

The balance bike has no pedals. Instead, the children use their feet to guide the bicycle to the ground. The key to cycling is to ensure that your child's feet are firmly seated on the ground while sitting down. They usually start walking on the saddle and then run to keep their feet off the ground. Our balance car has been assembled and inspected by adults before the child gets into the car, including all the screws, steering gear and axles. We recommend that all screws and nuts be inspected and tightened regularly. It is best to store the balance car indoors and not to leave it outdoors for a long time. If the balance bike toddler comes into contact with water, be sure to wipe the bicycle thoroughly.

How to ride a balance bike?

1. Bring a helmet to your child. Tell them that they must wear a helmet to protect their head from falling. Go to the helmet and fit it tightly, and the belts are close to their chins.
2. Show the child different parts of the bike. Tell them to sit in the front seat. Show them the handles and explain where their hands should be.
3. Adjust the seat. Have your child park your bike between your legs. The height of the saddle should be set so that they can sit on the bicycle and the feet are flat on the ground.
4. Rest the bike against your child and swing your legs to the top. Let them stand next to the bicycle and lift the other foot up and across the bicycle seat.
5. Sit on the chair with your feet flat on the ground. Hold the handlebars to stabilize the bike and then grab the handlebars.
6. Sitting on a bicycle. Walk as usual, and also ride a bicycle, slowly getting used to the feeling of moving forward.
7. Push out from a fixed position with one foot. Lift your foot off the ground, extend your leg forward, and then lower your foot to the front ground.
8. Use your feet alternately to continue pushing the bike forward. Place the left and right legs on the ground and move back and forth between forwards.
9. Keep your legs off the ground and slide forward. Once your child has reached fast enough, lift your legs to the front of the body to prevent them from touching the ground.
10. Slow down and stop completely. Help your child learn how to slow down their speed and stop it. Use a path that starts from a downward slope and then slopes up. The upward slope will help the bike to slow down naturally.

Are 1 Year Olds Too Young For a Balance Bike?

There is no direct or no answer to this question. Different children have different body development times. But when your child is ready and interested, consider buying a bike that suits your child.

Balancing a bicycle is a true confidence booster for young children. Learn to do simple, fun things and give them a certain degree of independence, which will encourage them to try more new adventures.

Riding a balance bike pedal helps young children and children build core strength - balancing exercise uses abdominal muscles, and push-down exercises utilize all leg muscles. Learning to manipulate and avoid hitting trees and squirrels can also improve coordination and space awareness! Being able to ride a bike can help with social skills. This means that your child can participate in fun activities with other children outdoors with the TV. This also gives them something in common, such as "My bicycle has a red saddle", "I rode my bicycle to Grandma's home" and so on. Our championship is a great social event that also promotes healthy competition.

Cycling can help us learn to be more attentive to the environment, pay attention to other people, uneven ground, and help us travel faster and easier. You will be amazed when your toddler's legs become frozen at 5 steps into the supermarket, and continue to ride home from the town after 2 miles! Avoid carrying and pushing them and let them lean back.

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