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5 Best Booster Seats For Table Of 2019

Transiting your kid to a dining table can be a big milestone for parents and their little ones – where they can learn to understand social interaction skills and etiquettes, and build stronger family ties in the process. While a highchair can serve the same purpose, the size and weight of a highchair limits the parents’ mobility to dine outside, and can take up a lot of space at home.

A booster seat for table allows the whole family to dine together anywhere, takes up less space at home, and is especially valued by germophobe parents apprehensive to use kids high chairs provided at restaurants. As the name suggests, an infant booster seat or a toddler booster seat for table provides that extra boost for your kid to bring them up to the level of the table, but with the added security of the harness straps to avoid any accidental injuries. A booster seat is also considered an excellent transition for children into grown up chairs.

Therefore, we conducted extensive research and proposed a list of five increased seats.

1.Cartoon panda two-in-one booster seat

Cartoon panda  booster seat

A tray is a great multifunctional accessory to have. Not only does it provide an added level of security and an eating surface, but it can also serve as an activity center as well. Choosing a seat with a tray will give you the option of using your seat with or without .
Having a tray is great, it not only gives you a storage space, but when you don't need a tray, you can erect the tray as a chair back.The seat itself is made of polyacrylate, which is comfortable, soft, non-toxic and harmless, and has a long service life. It can remove the inner pad as the baby grows and increase the space.


1.Dining chair front and rear second gear adjustment

2.The base can be detachably mounted

3.Food grade material plate, easy to clean

4.Appropriate for younger babies


No cushioning

2.Adjustable folding multi-function heightening seat

It is a comfortable, stylish and sturdy chair for the child. It is a 3 in 1 convertible high chair that you can convert into three different patterns within minutes. It is ideal for 6 months to 4 years of babies with a maximum Load-bearing capacity of 50lbs. Ideally, this chair has a detachable double tray and a cup holders that will prevent the liquid from spilling. These trays are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. This chair has a scientific structural design with an adjustable. footrest that allows children to comfortably place their feet on it. What’s more, it has a foldable structure that you can fold it up when it is not in use for easy storage and transport.


1.Easily secures to most standard sized chairs

2.three height adjustments, and a three-point harness

3.Sturdy metal legs with rubber feet to avoid from slipping

4.Easy to clean

5.It is a 3 in 1 convertible high chair convertible in a different pattern within minutes

6.Has a foldable structure and you can store it in the wall corner


No cushioning

3.Feeding chair seat hook type safety seat

Feeding chair seat hook type safety seat

In theory, this rugged,hook-up high chair offers a lot of convenience for you and your baby. It folds, can be carried around, is made of high-quality materials, and is designed to be securely fastened to most tables. However, in reality, it is very bulky and much heavier than most portable high chairs. The rubberized handles are well designed to hold any table without scratching, making it a great choice for parents who want to eat with their children. The seat cover is detachable and easy to clean, and the padded back support adds comfort to your child.


1.Connects securely directly to the table

2.Rubber grip to avoid markings on table

3.Washable fabric

4.The bottom can pull out the strong bag

5.Made of quality material making it durable and suit your child’s dining needs


Do not use on unstable tables

4.Outdoor travel picnic baby feeding booster chair

Outdoor travel picnic baby feeding booster chair

If you ever thought about it: "Our children need a small camping chair, we can put it in the emergency box, in case of need," this heightening seat can meet your needs. Although the aesthetic style of this chair prevents us from maintaining a full-time taste at the table, its portability and functionality are unparalleled, with a tote bag. It takes a few minutes to fix the adjustable straps under and around the back of the dining chair, but once these straps are attached to the booster, there is no need to do it again. The back of the booster has a mesh-lined pocket over the entire width of the backrest, and the three-point harness is easy to adjust. It can accommodate children under six months (up to 35 pounds) and the tray is removable, BPA-free, and can be washed in the dishwasher.


1.Lightweight, easy to fold and pop-up

2.Five-point harness straps for a snug fi

3.Includes a carrying case for travel convenience and easy storage

4.Soft and easy to clean

5.Has a durable construction for both indoors and outdoors usage

6.Has a compact fold and lightweight design ideal for on-the-go

7.Features detachable, BPA-free tray that makes feeding easy


Lower weight limit compared to most booster seats for table

5.Children's portable waterproof fabric increased seat

5.Children's portable waterproof fabric increased seat

This compact seat is small and looks like a briefcase when folded, so it's easy to carry, you can put it in the trunk to spontaneously travel to the restaurant, have dinner with friends or impromptu play. Designed for travel, its core is a high-grade sponge that is environmentally friendly and breathable. It has a “T” constraint to ensure your child's safety and is easily attached to most dining seats with an adjustable buckle. The adjustable shoulder strap buckle makes the baby more comfortable and flexible.


1.Lightweight, only 440 grams

2.It has a three-point harness

3.Designed for travel, so a great choice for eating out with your little one

4.Beautiful color inside, resistance soiling outside


Not really appropriate for everyday use

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